2010. november 29., hétfő

Páter úti geoláda

This time we invite you to walk about 3 hours round trip on one of the most beautiful trails in Faget forest. It is a tourist trail that goes on the crest of the hill called Capu Dealului, and it's even marked with red stripe. (The red stripe leads to Turda Gorges). The path starts at the end of public transportation line in Manastur district (more exactly from the left of the Unirea Park's entrance gate) and leads above the crest of the hill, east of the paved road, straight to the Faget tourist shelter (which is now derelict).

Our friends and acquaintances talk about this route as a Road Páter, as it was named after a famous Transylvanian botanist who lived and worked in Cluj in the late 19th century and early 20th century. We advise you to walk all the way from Manastur up to the lodge (even if you find the box) because this is a very easy and pleasant journey.

Béla Páter (1860-1938) was one of the most famous botanists of Transylvania. He was a European class researcher of medicinal plants. After finishing his studies at home and abroad, in 1894 reached Professor of Botany at the Faculty of Agriculture, Cluj, and later became rector of the newly created Academy of Agricultural Sciences. In 1904, for the first time in the world (!), he established a research station of medicinal plants in Cluj, where he was manager until 1931.

He did experiments with no fewer than 136 species, in most cases being the first who published scientific papers about the possibility of their cultivation. The most important works of Béla Páter are Wild Medicinal Plants (Ed. Bucovina, Bucuresti, 1926) and Medicinal Plants' Culture (Ed. Bucovina, Bucuresti, 1927) both published in Romanian.

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