2016. július 30., szombat

Geoláda: Kisfenes - Luna-forrás

This is the seventeenth cache of our series, Sacred Springs. A sacred spring, or holy well, is a small body of water emerging from underground and venerated either in a pagan or a Christian context, often both. The term is commonly employed to refer to any water source of limited size which has some significance in the folklore of the local area. This can take the form of a particular name, an associated legend, or the attribution of healing qualities. In Christian legend, the spring water is often said to have been made to flow by the action of a saint. Our approach on the sacrality of these springs is slightly profane: it refers mostly to the holiness of native land.

The road between Finisel village and Plopi village is a very nice and special hiking trail. Our new Luna Spring is between these two villages. 

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