2011. június 26., vasárnap

Roadtrip: Reservoirs of Cluj County

We invite you to a road trip of about 85 miles in order to visit the reservoirs of Cluj county. The trail reaches the most spectacular artificial lakes of the area. Leave Cluj Napoca by car towards Oradea, through village Floresti. After reaching village Gilau, turn left to Somesul Rece. Before entering village Somesul Rece, appears on the right the first lake, Lake Gilau. From the center of the settlement turn right towards the road leading to Somesul Cald. After a few curves appears Somesul Cald Lake Dam. After Somesul Cald at about 1 mile is an open landscape and it appears in the left the image of Lake Tarnita. Tarnita Reservoir has an area of about 215 hectares and a length of over 5 miles with a depth of over 230 feet. Next, the road goes near the lake, and from time to time thickness of trees is split to allow a unique view over the lake. After a few miles we can see a small paved road that leads to the area known by local people as Tail of the Lake. Here the lake narrows and continues with a river that brings cold water from the mountains. This is the place you can find our cache and you can refresh with a very tasty water.

Next, the road leads to Marisel area, Apuseni Mountains. Here you can find other two caches, the Dobrus Hill and Comoara lui Iancu and again you can stop the car and take small trips to explore the area. The trail continues until it reaches a junction with the road to Belis, where you need to turn right, in order to reach the dam at Belis–Fantanele, one of the largest and most beautiful dams in Transylvania. The third reservoir, Lake Belis-Fantanele has a length of about 20 miles and a surface of water of about 900 hectares. Reservoir Belis-Fantanele has an amazing history that revolves around the ancient village that was flooded in order to build the dam. From here the road leads through forests and villages to city of Huedin a small town at about 50 km from Cluj Napoca, on European Road E60. From Huedin back to Cluj the road can be crowded, so you could get to Cluj Napoca in more than 1 hour.

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